Develissimo e.U. here the 'devel' stands for development and the ending 'issimo' derives from the Italian benissimo for 'good'. It therefore stands for: Good technical development. Since the 2000s we have continued to evolve using a variety of open source technologies and never lost interest in BUGs, features and controlling and the automation process itself. For more than 20 years, our main developer has excelled in implementing a wide range of open source technologies. First a synergy of IT software development and electronics projects. Despite digital technology and electronics, the field of activity was always very software and EDP-heavy. We work in an international network and continuously train ourselves on the new web, hosting, monitoring and sysadmin technologies.

History: Started in Hörsching. Developed in Linz. Branches in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Leonding. A data center in Leonding. A new data center in a secret location for maximum security. Software development and system administration with passion. That's what many say, but less so after 10+ years of development. However, this has always been and always will be fun and enjoyable for us. And we also choose our partners according to this principle. Software development must mean fun and joy in new realizations!

We distinguish ourselves through proper documentation of all work steps, as well as a transparent time tracking and issue tracking system, which offers our customers the opportunity to follow and influence our work. The advantage as a family business is that this allows us to offer working hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and thus to enable 24/7. Our customers value solutions by Monday morning and shop system updates at 2 a.m. with less traffic and user access for the highest possible availability.

With the new data center and an international, web-based in-invoice controlling tool as well as our shop system customers, the next few years will start.


Employee image for Chef Developer und CTO
  • Raphael Reumayr
  • Software Entwicklung & DevOps
Employee image for Mitarbeiterin
  • Nicola Reumayr
  • Buchhaltung + EDV & Organisation
Employee image for Köchin
  • Kristýna Reumayr
  • Chef de Cuisine & BUHA-Kontrolle
Employee image for Kabeljunge
  • Arian Reumayr
  • Schwung reinbringen, Fitnessverantwortlicher

As well as our team/network consisting of IT Guru's, Sysadmin's, DebOps and software specialists.